2002 Wrangler X

This was my first Jeep to own. I literally drove it off the showroom floor. It came with the chrome nerf bars and front bumper. I loved this Jeep and the color. I loved the camel-colored top. Sadly, I only had her for a couple of years before I got laid-off from my big corporate web-hosting job during the dot-com bust of 2002. It hit hard and I lost most everything.

2001 Sahara, “Rocksy”

Now this was a Jeep! I loved this girl more even than my first. Something about the black. I never got around to doing too much to her, but I did upgrade the tires to 33″. It also had a subwoofer in the center console, so the stereo sounded pretty bad ass. I kept her for a few years, then sold it because we needed a pickup.

2015 Wrangler Sport, “Amber Waves”

And this is my current love. Shown here with 35″ tires and upgraded wheels, but almost completely stock otherwise. Check out the upgrades journal to see it progress from stock to where it is now. I love this Jeep. Of course it’s hard for me to ever get over Rocksy. I miss that TJ so much. But this one has more on it than I was able ever to put on the others, and is slowly getting to be my favorite.