Security Upgrades

Tuffy makes a whole line of products to replace all that plastic shit Jeep likes to install these days. I bought everything I could get because I’m tired of people hopping in when my doors are off and it’s sitting in a parking lot. They can sit in it and act like it’s theirs while they pry open the shitty plastic console. Fuck that. Here are the upgrades I got.

Steel Trunk
Steel Console
Steel Glovebox

There’s actually a hood lock too, but it’s not interesting enough for a picture. I have actually had someone try to break into that console since I got it. At my last house, when I parked the Jeep out front, some piece of shit hopped in and tried to pry it open with a bottle opener I had in the car. Idiot didn’t even bring his own tools. But it broke the opener off in the steel of the console. Fuckin’ moron. People who steal from people deserve to be bathed in a vat of acid.

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